running application from $kdedir with multiple kde installs

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at
Tue Oct 26 14:44:23 BST 2004

ביום שלישי, 26 באוקטובר 2004, 15:32, נכתב על ידי David Faure:
> > export QTDIR=/usr/local/qt
> > export KDEDIR=/usr/local/kde33
> So if you set the path to /usr/local/kde33, why should
> /usr/local/kde/bin/kword be executed (unless kde is a symlink to kde33?)

(I forgot to write 33 on the mail).

The only two versions I have of kword (again for example) are:
kde33 at cucomania kde33 $ ls /usr/bin/kword
kde33 at cucomania kde33 $ ls /usr/local/kde33/bin/kword

when I run kword without the path, I see 1.3.2 in kword's about, when I 
run /usr/local/kde33/bin/kword i see "1.3post" in kword's about box (running 
koffice head with kdelibs branch)

If I dont run kmail/kgourpware with the kde33 path, it does not load.

again, when I run konsole, I see the correct path, and all applications run 

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