Using kconf_update on multiple files

Wilco Greven greven at
Sun Oct 24 16:02:17 BST 2004

Op zondag 24 oktober 2004 16:17, schreef Waldo Bastian:
> On Saturday 23 October 2004 20:11, Wilco Greven wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > For the layout changes in kicker I'd like to update the configuration key
> > to which the list of applets is written. When used with reverseLayout,
> > it's better if that list is reversed.
> Why?

It's the natural way to store the layout when using a reverse layout. The 
first applet is the one on the right. The resulting code is simpler because 
you have less special cases to consider for the reverse layout situation.

> > Now the problem is that for the
> > childpanels this key isn't in kickerrc, but in a files with names
> > childpanel_panelextension_<unique_random_id>_rc. Therefore you can't use
> > kconf_update to change these files. Would it be a problem to change
> > kconf_update so that it you can for example specify:
> > Files=childpanel_panelextension_*_rc in the .upd file?
> That means listing all config directories... it's slow enough as is
> already.

Then I guess that solution is out of the question. 

The childpanel config file names are listed in the kickerrc however. Perhaps 
it's possible to let the kicker update script update the childpanel config 
files as well?


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