patch for kurlcompletion.cpp

Richard Smith kde at
Sun Oct 24 16:01:24 BST 2004

On Sunday 24 October 2004 01:17, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> A patch for kurlcompletion.cpp.
> On Solaris, readdir_r(3C) does not allocate a buffer for char
> d_name[1] in struct dirent. The caller is responsible for allocating
> space for struct dirent.d_name, enough to hold MAXPATHLEN+1.

What if MAXPATHLEN is not defined? It's allowed to not be, and won't be on 
Hurd. I know this is quite pedantic since (AFAIK) KDE doesn't support Hurd 
anyway, but for portability's sake it seems best to not rely on MAXPATHLEN 
begin defined.

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