Some kicker applet issues

Aaron Seigo aseigo at
Fri Oct 22 18:56:05 BST 2004

On October 22, 2004 2:19, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  Since the rev1.48 of systemtrayapplet.cpp which is supposed to fix a
> bug when the systray frame was not hidden in all cases the show always
> a frame around system tray (hidden) option became broken (it would not
> work after the first mouseover to systray). The attached patch fixes
> the bug, but maybe Aaron has a better way of doing it by correcting the
> bugfix patch.

it was a one liner, changing an "if" to an "else if". this is one of the 
things i really hate, but understand as largely unavoidable, about kicker: it 
has N options, where N is very large, and many of those N options interact 
with each other, with few (n) not doing so. this creates an (N-n)*(N-n) 
matrix of possibilities and makes kicker very tricky to work with without 
breaking things.

i'm actively recruiting QA people for kicker CVS and have gotten some nibbles. 
this will hopefully help catch such breakages quicker and with greater 
reliability than "wait for a release and watch the reports roll in" ;-)

i think kicker should also become the poster child for "Why not to add so many 
options to an application." ;-)

>  As a second issue on kicker, now I cannot resize the panel that way
> that the quicklauncher has only one row of icons (and the panel is
> still wide enough, around 43 pixels). The icons used to be bigger with
> this config and they were aligned in one row only. Since my last
> update, this is not the case anymore.

hrm... not sure what changes were done there. if you could file a BR on with screenshots and approximately when it stopped working that 
would be most appreciated. reports get lost all to easily when posted to a 
mailing list only. 

> Can I get back my larger 
> quicklauncher icons in one row, please? ;-)

can i have a patch please? ;-)

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric
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