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Chris Howells howells at
Fri Oct 22 00:32:39 BST 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 19:17, Frans Englich wrote:
> The idea is probably KDM/login things. We could comment it out, until
> someone decides to do something conscious about it(what an embarrassing
> design mistake).

Since it directly duplicates functionality in kdm, I think commenting it out 
might be a good idea. On the other hand, people may want a 'face', but not 
use kdm, so they won't look under the kdm panel... hmm hard decisions.

> > Reading the code suggests that it is the .face image, in which case
> > it directly and incompatibly conflics with the kdm kcontrol module
> That bug needs fixing then.

Yeah. I did have a go looking at it a while ago, but got confused by kdm's 
code. Ossi needed I think :)

> > * Name: Does this get updated in /etc/passwd if I change it?
> Why don't you try? Or you mean it should, but doesn't? It does on my setup.

Well, I was just commenting to me that it was just not clear the scope of 
changing the name here. I mean, your name is used in lots of things such as 
e-mail accounts, and as you mention below in KEmailSettings.

> The PIM folks have probably already figured this out, but the question is
> how KDE should handle identities: Should it all be in KControl, or should
> it be in the relevant apps(kmail, pim)? I think for various reasons such
> settings should be in pim, but still basic info can be good to have
> globally(which leads us to where we are now). Name, email, organization,
> are info which are used in documents and such things.
> However, stretching it to technical details such as account setup is to go
> too far, IMO, so the SMTP settings is out of place. IIRC I probably tried

Yes, definitely agreed.

> to nuke it, but it's used in kscd's CDDB submission. Is the settings used
> somewhere else? Can it be moved to KSCD?

That sounds good.

> All of above, probably. All which respect the global line edit echo
> setting. Why would the user think it doesn't apply globally? If he/she
> does, how can it be phrased better?

OK fine. Though kdm has a 1vs3 star setting too, so again it is duplicated.

> The vast majority of modules in KControl are bloated, unmaintained,
> duplicated, and is way off our targeting audience. Without looking at

Right :)

> kcm_useraccount it likely is bloated, as the rest of modules. The problem
> is, as soon you questions a configuration option, or asks "Is this really
> necessary?" you'll get this storm of "stop dumbing down", "stop
> GNOMEfying", "go back to Winblows", "my dog needs it and therefore everyone


> should have it" etc. I wrote kcm_useraccount which replaced three other
> modules, so it's at least better than it was from the start.

Right, then I would agree it was a very positive step forward :) I just think 
it could do with a tad of work.

> Other than that, it's the standard reply when it comes to KControl: Large
> changes happens in KDE 4. And that means for everyone to be involved, as
> for everything else in KDE&usability, to become really popular.

Looking forward to it...

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