DCOP: Deadlock protection and reentrancy

Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 18 13:01:32 BST 2004

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 12:03:11PM +0200, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 October 2004 20:23, Koos Vriezen wrote:
> > It was a hard to reproduce case (obvious). Problem was that after a
> > plugin is created, KHTML wanted it to resize to the layouted metrics. In
> > the meantime, the plugin was doing a javascript call (which it does
> > default nowadays). This lead to the collision like in the BR. Looks to
> > me hard to make a testcase, because the returning call must be done
> > before the first call arrives and get a chance to set the key value (if
> > I'm not mistaken, assumption made on your explaination, not the
> > sources).
> But 69346 is closed now, so is this still an issue?

No, we changed the javascript call to two async ones
(NSPluginCallbackIface.h r1.10).


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