QString latin1 comparision

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at kdemail.net
Sun Oct 17 19:11:09 BST 2004

Juergen Pfennig wrote:
>I would understand if you would say you want some no-op macro to flag such
> a situation or use the macro that comes with qt4 (or a dummy for that).
> But QString::fromLatin1() is not a no-op and it is unefficient because it
> creates a temporary QString object.

That's why Qt4 has QLatin1String. It's a lot more lightweight and QString 
has overloaded operators to QLatin1Strings.

>KDE is slow enough and has more than enough bugs. Why trying to make it
>slower? Please have a look at win2003 and compare the speed to KDE! QT is
> not stupid and today the NO_ASCI_CAST makes little sense, as QT has
> overloaded Latin1 functions almost everywhere.

That is true. But we have to be aware that not all overloaded functions 
taking 'const char*' work in the same manner.

QString::QString(const char*) uses QTextCodec::codecForCStrings
operator==(const QString&, const char*) assumes it's Latin1
and so on

Hence why properly labelling the encoding is preferrable.

>(1) using UTF-8 strings everywhere instead of us-ascii (does gcc like
> this?)

That's already how it is.

>(2) moving away from GCC - here: supporting UNICODE string literals.

Not an option because, as other people have said, sizeof(wchar_t) != 

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