Supporting GNU ld's --as-needed flag

Szombathelyi Gy�rgy gyurco at
Sun Oct 17 18:13:49 BST 2004


I wrote about 5 months ago that what can be done to _not_ link all indirect 
library dependencies into all KDE programs/libraries:

I learned that GNU ld's --as-needed flag could done this. I always compile KDE 
libraries and programs with this option, with very good results. So I think 
it would be nice to add this flag for the KDE build process. The only problem 
which prevents the use of CFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" is that libtool puts this 
option to the end of the parameter list, which simply makes the option 
non-working. I attached a patch to the KDE version of libtool, and also a 
configure check for the availabilty of the flag.
Can it be added to CVS? Last time I posted a similar patch it was not applied, 
but now there's enough time for testing.


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