KDE Testing scripts :)

Matt Rogers matt at matt.rogers.name
Sat Oct 16 05:09:13 BST 2004

On Friday 15 October 2004 11:00 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Just a followup that I am putting my test reports up here.
> http://www.icefox.net/kde/tests/report.html
> Added two more tests tonight (which found lots of minor bugs)
> Missing QtDesigner icons - Makes sure for every KDE widget in QtDesigner
> there is an icon.
> KDE QtDesigner icons sizes - Makes sure every icon for KDE widget in
> QtDesigner are the right size.
> And someone who was interested in hacking on KDE for a long time, but never
> had done anything finally started playing around with the code to fix
> these :)  I helped him checkout via anoncvs, fix things, make diffs and
> then I reviewed them and commited them.  So for that reason alone my work
> on the scripts have paid for itself.  If you know someone who is interested
> in hacking on KDE, but doesn't know where to start these would be perfect.
> Maybe a dot.kde.org story could be made out of this?
> -Benjamin Meyer

I'm quite surprised that you haven't mailed the quality team about your test 
scripts. this seems right up their alley.

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