new kicker maintainer

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Fri Oct 15 08:59:05 BST 2004

just a quick note/announcement:

John Firebaugh has put in a lot of great effort with regards to our red-headed 
step child of a panel app.. so, props to John =) unfortunately, there are 
things in his life that are demanding his attention these days which do no 
leav much room for working on kicker.

as one of the more active kicker hackers, and desiring a freer hand in my work 
therein, i inquired as to maintainership. the result is that i'm taking on 
the role of current maintainer.

i've added a HACKING and DESIGN file (with some content even!) with the goal 
of evolutionarily cleaning up the code base and design of kicker. the idea is 
to hopefully make it a more welcoming place for new hands and a better panel 
for KDE. there are a few largish patches pending, so 3.4 should be a fun 
release for kicker.

in other words, at least now you'll know who to blame and who to forward all 
the kicker patches too. ;-)

Aaron J. Seigo
GPG Fingerprint: 8B8B 2209 0C6F 7C47 B1EA  EE75 D6B7 2EB1 A7F1 DB43

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