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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Fri Oct 15 01:52:28 BST 2004

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There has been a lot of talk about testing, regression, scripts, automation 
etc and I happen to have a script that did one test kinda so last night I 
cleaned it up and hacked out a few more test scripts that can be run on KDE 
and made a reportgenerator and put them in kdenonbeta.


The current tests test for really really basic things, but I was overly 
surprised just how much they found especially sense the box it ran on hardly 
has much of kde-head installed.  For those with more of kde installed I bet 
it will find much more. 

Attached (at only 6.3KB and because both my web hosting is currently down) is 
my report that was generated today with just five tests.

You will notice that these jobs would make fantastic JJ jobs (unlike 81460).

Things like:
- -ktip.desktop has "[KDE Desktop Entry]" which is deprecated by [Desktop Entry]
- -Name= is not set in share/applications/kde/panel_appearance.desktop!
- -WARNING: Blank Screen .desktop file might be defining Icon= more than once!
- -Image /share/icons/crystalsvg/32x32/apps/kuickshow.png is really 32x29

I know that there is work here and there and so this my attempt at pulling 
them all together in actual code rather then just talking about it.

So feel free to add more scripts (there is even a TODO list with a dozen 
others that I have already thought of, but there could easily be hundreds).  
The scripts can really be anything.  Use F.D.O. tools to validate .desktop 
files or any other tools.  Guess this is an attempt at making a massive TODO 
list from all the tools/scripts for people to do.

If it becomes useful in the end we could put it in kdesdk and if not than 

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