[patch] KApplication

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Thu Oct 14 22:55:38 BST 2004

Some background: Eventually, things like QFileDialog are used on win32 instead 
of KDE counterparts, to give better experience/integration/whatever.

In kdelibs/Makefile.am.in there is hardcoded exclusion for translating 
messages in qfiledialog.cpp and similar files.

	for file in qfiledialog qcolordialog qprintdialog \
		qurloperator qftp qhttp qlocal qerrormessage; do \
		grep -v $$file list > list.new && mv list.new list ;\
	done ;\
I'd later (because it's not yet tested) come with generating other_qt.pot file 
for translators. At least win32 could load other_qt.po (explicity, in 

regards / pozdrawiam,
   Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska
   Kexi project: http://koffice.org/kexi/ http://www.kexi-project.org/
   Qt-KDE Wrapper project: http://iidea.pl/~js/qkw/

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