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On Wednesday 13 October 2004 9:33 pm, Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 October 2004 07:53 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > Rather than have maintainers update changelogs, wouldn't it be possible
> > to have a bugzilla report that showed bugs closed during that minor
> > release time?
> I like that idea, but I know that I've fixed a few bugs in JuK for
> 3_3_BRANCH that didn't have bug reports.  We would need some way to
> manually add bugs that we've fixed, unless we want to open a bug report and
> immediately close it or something. :-/

Yah, better to miss a few of these vs the multitude that were missing from the 

> Also, just because a bug is closed doesn't mean it was fixed in BRANCH, we
> would need some way of determining that a bug has been closed in BRANCH.

Hmmmm good point. 

 Maybe rather then scan bugzilla simply skim all cvs commits in the branch 
over that time (which would presumably have bug #'s with them)  Then from 
that generate the page with links into bugzilla.

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