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On Tuesday 12 October 2004 4:47 am, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Tuesday 12 October 2004 08:19 schrieb David Johnson:
> Even I think that. But between October 2nd and November 13rd isn't one
> month, but 6 weeks - which is more than a month. But I have no problem with
> 8 or 9 weeks either.

Maybe technicaly it is 6 weeks between tags, but what I was thinking was the 
total time to get bug reports that can be fixed.  Assuming 3.3.1 is announced 
today that leaves a little more then four weeks before the next tag.  
Subtract a (generously short) week at the beginning for users to install 
3.3.1.  Subtract a week at the end to actually work on reported bugs (i.e. 
new bugs reported on Nov 10th probably wont be fixed) and you are left with 
about two weeks for bug reports that have a reasonable chance of getting 

It would actually be interesting to know the upgrade speed of users.  Maybe 
that could be skimmed from new bugs.kde.org reports?

I assume that some upgrade the day it comes out, a handfull upgrade within a 
few weeks and the majority wait for it their distrobution to update (1-4 

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