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On Tuesday 12 October 2004 3:18 am, Stephan Binner wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 October 2004 04:18, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > Saturday October, 2nd, 2004: Tagging KDE_3_3_1_RELEASE
> > Saturday November, 13rd, 2004: Tagging KDE_3_3_2_RELEASE
> > Do you think this is a little too soon?  One month from release to
> > release?
> Can you perhaps wait if the schedule will be updated once 3.3.1 is
> released?

Last time I check the page was (I believe) just a few weeks ago and neither of 
those were there so I presumed that it wasn't a case of 3.3.1 getting updated 
and 3.3.2.

> > Is that enough time for feedback?
> You have already processed all feedback for 3.3.0 and previous releases?

I have been trying my best.  Other then a few string changes which are ifdefed 
out my code (the apps I maintain) in head and 3.3.1 is the same as I have 
spent most of my time resolving as many bugs as I could and haven't had 
really any time for adding features to them.  Attempting to not add new 
features until after 3.3.1 has made me concentrated on getting problems 

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