Moving to SubVersion

Rainer Endres endres at
Sat Oct 9 09:12:06 BST 2004


On Saturday 09 October 2004 09:55, Brad Hards wrote:
> The admins are guys like Waldo, Coolo, David Faure - people
> who are either coding, or admin-ing, but aren't doing both at the same
> time....

Which is exactly why Tobias proposed to do it _now_ instead of doing it during 
the 4.0 release cycle, when development time is much more needed, especially 
by those administering the servers? 

Just an idea. 

The CVS admins come up with a plan for a parallel Subversion repository for 
the proposed replacements of kdenonbeta. This will be the playground to test 
cvs2svn and moving around stuff. If this works out the way intended, we move 
on to Subversion for everything. 

I think a time table and migration path are needed. 

Just my 2ct

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