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Fri Oct 8 21:44:12 BST 2004

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Tobias Koenig a écrit :
| On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 07:40:30PM +0000, Frans Englich wrote:
|>On Friday 08 October 2004 19:19, Charles Samuels wrote:
| Hi,
|>Yes, there lies sense in that; I read somewhere(I can obviously not
find the
|>link now) a discussion of various version control systems and the
|>was nothing particular, but it clearly showed subversion isn't the
|>choice. But one shouldn't go blind on technical features; aspects like
|>base and market share makes a big difference too, especially in the long
|>run(for example, who care about the "perfect" system when no one uses it).
| We want to have a versioning system that is familiar to all developers,
| and since svn has nearly the same commands like cvs, that's the perfect
| solution for us.
|>KDE switching version control system would be one of the biggest of
its kind,
|>and have a large impact, so it's important it's done properly. The
ones who
|>is interested in the switch, should do a thorough investigation, collect
|>references, our demands, disassemble every option to the bone -- from
|>to barf capabilities -- and write a paper.
| ... and in 5 years we can start switching...
| Hell, we are developer and we want a working system, not officialism...
| How to migrate?
| 1) Disconnect for one hour
| 2) Make a copy of the cvs repository
| 3) Run csv2svn over the copy
| 4) Test the svn repository by checking it out and run a diff over
|    the cvs and the svn checkout
| 5) Check if the branches were converted correctly (this might take the
most time)
| 6) Move the svn repository back to
| 7) Put online
| All good things count 7, so nothing can goes wrong.
| Ciao,
| Tobias

in any case, we need a test server first I think ...
I don't think we can go back to CVS once we switched to subversion, so
we'd better be sure it works fine ;)
(btw don't use subversion db backend, use fsfs :)

for decentralised vcs there is 'svk' ( using
subversion as backend.
I have not tried it though ... maybe other did ?

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