DCOP: Deadlock protection and reentrancy

Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 6 18:54:04 BST 2004

Waldo wrote:
> NOTE: If client A and client B would call each other simultaneously there
> is still a risk of deadlock because both calls would have unique keys and
> both clients would decide to queue the incoming call until they receive
> a response on their outgoing call.

Not your question, but is this left as-is or will this be handled too? Eg.
BR69346 was victim of this. Might be unlikely for 'normal' services, but
DCOP'ing with plugins, that use both DCOP (eg. nspluginviewer), makes sync
call unusable. I.e. for non-threaded apps, how likely is it that if one
calls app A and, waiting for a respond, it receives a call from A, it does
_not_ deadlock? 


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