double sized icons still needed ?

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at
Mon Nov 29 11:50:34 GMT 2004

El Lunes 29 Noviembre 2004 12:34, Olaf Schmidt escribió:
> [Luciano Montanaro, Montag, 29. November 2004 11:03]
> > This is not true - at least generally - it depends on the icon theme.
> I was referring to KDE 3.3 with default settings (CrystalSVG).
> > For example with FlatSVG you can have toolbar icons (or konqueror
> > icons, for that matter) as large as 256x256.
> Indeed. But the small icons are still limited to 16 points, which can be
> too small for people who use a font size of 25, for example.

Oh, yes, I forgot about that - but where are they used ? In menu items and 
in the titlebar if I remember correctly. It would be nice to have them 
scale up, but it's not really a must, or is it?
Actually, kwin provides the decorations with a 16 pixel and a 32 pixel  
pixmaps, but no decoration actually uses it. 


> Olaf

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