Web Shortcut en2de Defunct, Support for French <-> German by LEO

Christian Mueller cmueller at gmx.de
Sat Nov 27 12:54:59 GMT 2004

Am Freitag, 26. November 2004 11:06 schrieb David Faure:
> On Friday 26 November 2004 08:26, Christian Mueller wrote:

> > 2.) LEO now has support for French <-> German lookups 
> > How about adding a shortcut leofr:?  
> We have no de2fr: yet, it seems. How about naming it that way? It's easier to find
> since it's more logical IMHO.

Ok, I'll create two identical ones for both de2fr and fr2de (AFAIK leo always works in 
both directions at once).

> > Should the modifications also be done in the 3.3 branch? 
> You can remove the dead shortcut, but you can't add a new one (message freeze).

What about the suggestion from Olaf Schmidt?  Could we replace 
wordreference.com by dict.cc in the en2de and de2en shortcuts 
instead of removing them?   

All the strings contain "wordreference.com". 
We could do that replacement not only in the URL but also in the translations. 
Would that be possible during string freeze? 

> > And is there a maintainer for the web shortcuts I should send 
> > the new file to for review?  
> Not that I know of. Typically this stuff is discussed on kfm-devel though.

Ok.  I'll post the files there. 

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