Fwd: My KImageEffect code

Mosfet dan.duley at verizon.net
Sat Nov 27 04:44:32 GMT 2004

Zack: I can send you some MImage code early and you can see what you think. 
I'll do this on Monday and we can go from there. 

As for Michael, you need to CC me if you want me to get your mail... I 
happened to see yours on the mailing list archive ;-) Basically I am working 
on two libraries: MImage and MultiLayer. MImage is a toolkit independent 
QImage-like class with improved filters and better metadata handling. 
MultiLayer is a 64bit RGBA multiple layer library.

I've been off the Linux scene for quite awhile. Bunch of annoying stuff was 
going on: I got donated hardware and the disks holding a bunch of my code 
went out with IDE bus errors, some Linux freaks looked up my home phone 
number, and I was too burned out really since KDE2.0. I not only left the 
Linux scene, I don't even work in the computer industry anymore.

But of course I still kept coding. It can be the end of the world and I could 
be the only person left alive and I'd still be coding with a laptop hooked up 
to a car battery. MImage is pretty close to being done, MultiLayer is going 
to be awhile. Once they are done they'll go on SourceForge and be either BSD 
or LGPL. I have shown early code to people like Boudewijn of KImageShop so 
there as been some coordination, but they are not ready for release yet. 

On Friday 26 November 2004 04:39 pm, Zack Rusin wrote:

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