Fwd: My KImageEffect code

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at ph.tum.de
Fri Nov 26 23:39:19 GMT 2004


> I haven't sent any patches because I have been working on a GUI-independent 
> image library with an API similiar to QImage. I haven't used QImage based 
> code in a long, long time. Nonetheless I've updated and fixed most of the 
> graphics algorithms for my library and the code is much, much better. 
> Standard C++ and everything works like it's supposed to, (as far as I 
> know ;-)

Is this library open source? How long will it take untill this library is 
usable? Right now a lot of KDE applications use their own image manipulation 

- Krita has code to rotate/scale/shear images and also various filters like 
blur, sharpen etc.

- Digikam also has filters like charcoal, oilify, raindrops etc. (I thought 
about porting some of these filters/effects to Krita, but I am quite busy 
right now.

- KImageEffects also offers filters like blur/sharpen etc.

So there are at least three applications(libs) that duplicate code. Basically 
they all operate on RGBA with 8 bits per channel. The plan is, that Krita 
offers 16 bit per channel and other color models like CMYK.

I really think all image manipulation code and also the filter code should go 
in a library that all KDE applications can use. The scaling/rotation/shearing 
code in Krita does not use Qt/KDE except of things like Q_INT etc. The 
filters probably do not use Qt/KDE functions except QMatrix, either. I guess 
the same applies for the Digikam filters and image manipulation functions.

I really think it would be a good idea to put all these routines from 
Krita/Digikam/KImageEffects in a library that all KDE image editing 
applications can use. Or maybe we can use Mosfets new lib and extend it, if 
some functions we need are still missing?

Mosfet, can you tell us a little bit more about your new library? What can it 
do, is it open-source, etc. I think it would be a pitty if we duplicate all 
this work, if we could instead just use your library and improve it.


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