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Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Fri Nov 26 20:41:09 GMT 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 18:47, Mosfet wrote:
> > You imply a third option which is to leave things in kdelibs as they are
> > (and continue living with whatever flaws there are) and make people who
> > need more sophisticated support for image effects aware of your stuff
> > (which presumably is available as a $OSS_LICENSE licensed library
> > somwhere?). And this is what I vote for.
> I don't really consider that a valid choice. The effects I am talking about
> are broken in KDE, (not limited or flawed), so never seen much use. If you
> core developers decide to keep them I need to know so I can submit patches
> for them to be fixed for KDE4.0. Why would you vote for keeping broken code
> in KDE?
> If your worried about maintainership taking them out is a totally valid
> solution as well. As I said, no one really used them in the first place. If
> you want to keep them cool, but I need to know so I can start backporting
> fixed versions to KImageEffect.

I would suggest to take out everything that isn't really used/usable for KDE4. 
I haven't heared a huge outcry about how broken this stuff is (apart from the 
occasional bugreport) so I guess we have been able to do without just fine so 
far. Image applications can use dedicated image effect libraries, I don't 
think such functionality needs to be in kdelibs.

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