automatic resizing of KTabWidget

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Fri Nov 26 20:16:02 GMT 2004

Le Vendredi 26 Novembre 2004 08:36, Jonathan Riddell a écrit :

> It has resizeEvent() commented out because that is a virtual function
> and can't be overriden until KDE 4 I believe.


You can [...] reimplement virtual functions defined in one of the base classes 
if it is safe that programs linked with the prior version of the library call 
the implementation in the base class rather than the new one. This is tricky 
and might be dangerous. Think twice before doing it.

So it seems that it doesn't break BC to let it uncommented.  And never mind if 
this function is not called when the program is compiled against kde 3.3

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