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David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Nov 26 14:09:13 GMT 2004

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Subject: My KImageEffect code
Date: Friday 26 November 2004 14:58
From: Mosfet <dan.duley at verizon.net>
To: bastian at kde.org, faure at kde.org

Hi guys, can one of you forward this to core devel?

As you probably know, most of the more advanced effects I contributed to 
KImageEffect from ImageMagick are rather buggy and have not been updated in a 
long time. They were direct ports from ImageMagick and a lot of the stuff is 
C and not C++, (ie: malloc), inefficent, or just plain wrong. The latter one 
quite embarrasingly so now that I look at it :P Simple mistakes like the 
algorithm using the wrong bit depth or improper HSV<->RGB code.

I haven't sent any patches because I have been working on a GUI-independent 
image library with an API similiar to QImage. I haven't used QImage based 
code in a long, long time. Nonetheless I've updated and fixed most of the 
graphics algorithms for my library and the code is much, much better. 
Standard C++ and everything works like it's supposed to, (as far as I 
know ;-)

If the KDE core team is interested I could port this code back from my library 
to KImageEffect. It would be very straightforward since their basic API's are 
nearly identical. This would be for KDE4.0, tho, since it would likely be 
binary incompatible.

The other option would be to drop the ImageMagick based effects from 
KImageEffect. I think this would be a shame since I have better code, but 
since I am no longer working with QImage it may make sense. It's also 
questionable if the base libraries really need things like equalize, or if it 
would be better for developers to use a second library if they need the more 
sophisticated effects.

Anyways, if it is the opinion of the core team that they would rather fix 
these effects than drop them I'll backport the fixes for KDE4. I thought it 
would be rather rude for me to release libraries with updated code without 
even offering to fix my old stuff in KDE.

Make sure to CC me on any replies, I am not on this list.


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