David Faure faure at
Mon Nov 22 14:28:47 GMT 2004

On Monday 22 November 2004 11:31, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Saturday 20 November 2004 12:35 schrieb Ingo Klöcker:
> > > "The file or folder
> > > file:///opt/qt3/doc/html/qlistview.html#setShowToolTips does not
> > > exist."
> > 
> > So for file URLs where !url.ref().isEmpty() the URL must not be replaced 
> > by url.path().
Actually I never use url.path(), I used url.prettyURL( StripFileProtocol ), so
that the result is still a properly escaped url, just without the file: part.
This makes it possible for KURL ctor to do the right thing if given back that

Well, that was the theory - this much works (proof committed to kurltest.cpp),
but the shorturi filter kicks in first, and the bug was there. Fixed now.

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