Disabling -fvisibility for kdewidgets and styles

Unai Garro ugarro at telefonica.net
Sun Nov 21 20:33:19 GMT 2004

On Sunday 21 November 2004 21:19, you wrote:
> On Sunday 21 November 2004 00:35, Unai Garro wrote:
> > After so much mess trying to fix the kde build I found what the problem
> > was. It seems kdelibs/kdewidgets and styles are built with
> > -fvisibility=hidden, and that breaks the plugin loading by Qt. Due to
> > that kdebase won't build either, since the configure script won't find
> > the kdewidget plugins for uic.
> That makes sense.. what surprises me that I got past the configure check ..

It didn't go past the configure.   It always stopped at kdebase configure when 
it found no kde plugins. I just tweaked kdelibs to build widgets with the 
default visibility flag. It was then I managed to build kdebase.

Even after building kdebase I got problems with plugin loading though 
(including konqueror), but I had no much time to test that one. As soon as I 
get a decent build with 3.3.4 I'll try to rebuild it in a separate dir using 
3.4.x again, and I'll let you know

Thanks for all

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