New kpdf icon - legal problems!!

Albert Astals Cid astals11 at
Fri Nov 19 08:15:30 GMT 2004

Hi, in my humble opinon the icon is different enought of Acrobat one, what do 
they share? A book and a red thing. The red thing is different from Acrobat 
red thing and a book is only a book. 

I really don't see any problem.

But i am forwanding that message of yours to kde-core-devel list to see what 
they think.


P.S: To kde-core-devel guys, is that the correct list or is thre something 
like kde-legal?

A Dijous 18 Novembre 2004 15:25, vàreu escriure:
> Hi,
> having just seen the kpdf icon winner, I would like to warn you, NOT to
> use it. I am not a lawyer (YET!), but I have just finished my final law
> exam with a very good grade. I am not allowed to counsel you
> individually because of German regulations, but I would like to
> generally state the following fact of law:
> According to German trademark law an icon that is evidently and
> obviously derived from a trademarked icon and that is used for a
> directly competing product is not permitted. Any breach could be used to
>   stop the distribution of all products shipping with such an icon.
> I would like to remind you of the killustrator (->kontour) fiasco! Don't
> derive from Adobe's trademarked and copyrighted ideas. Why not choose an
> more original icon for kpdf?
> I am not a programmer, but I have been using KDE since Beta2 (before
> 1.0!), so this is my first professional contribution to KDE.  Avoid
> shipping this icon with KDE!
> Thanks a lot for your excellent work and for taking the time to read this,
> kindest regards,
> Moritz Moeller-Herrmann

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