[PATCH] -fvisibility problems

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Wed Nov 17 07:05:12 GMT 2004

Dirk Mueller wrote:

> On Tuesday 16 November 2004 21:18, Szombathelyi György wrote:
>>>That cannot be committed as is, for two reasons: installed header files
>>>must not include config.h and kjs must not have dependencies on other
>>>parts of kdelibs.
>>Have you got a better idea for the feature test?
> Well, I'm not sure yet that it is necessary, I think older gcc's can cope just 
> fine with unsupported attributes. If not, we can either make the configure 
> check use -fvisibility based on the gcc version or create an installable 
> kdelibs_config.h that only contains the KDE_EXPORT macro. Not sure which 
> variant is best.. I'm not yet convinced that the backportings of the 
> -fvisibility stuff in the various vendor compilers is bug free. 
As I have nearly finished with arts, and compiled kdelibs with 
-fvisibility patched gcc 3.4.2, I didn't notice any problems yet.
Some solution needed, because the current situtation breaks the compile 
process. The -fvisibility=hidden flag added, but the KDE_EXPORT macro 
not defined correctly.
What about passing a -DHAVE_HIDDEN_VISIBILITY option with the 
-fvisibility=hidden flag, this doesn't require config.h?


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