Additional KPasswordDialog call

Andrew Coles andrew_coles at
Tue Nov 16 17:59:08 GMT 2004

Based on recent discussions on the dot (about KWallet) I propose two 
additional flags that can be passed when invoking a KPasswordDialog:

1) A minimum acceptable password length

Some passwords need to be more secure than others, so enforcing a minimum 
password length can make sense.  Example: IIRC SUSE demand a minimum 20 
character password in one situation.

2) The maximum password length that will be kept

Unix passwords are truncated beyond 8 characters so the current password 
strength meter marks for length level off at around 5 characters.  In some 
situations, where the length of password kept is much longer, the password 
strength meter needs to allocate the marks more gradually; e.g. for a 40 
character password, strength marks level off at around, say, 25 (assuming 
that the current 5/8ths of password length ratio is reasonable).

If these are deemed reasonable I'll happily add the extra calls.


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