Kévin Ottens ervin at
Mon Nov 15 10:38:17 GMT 2004

Le Dimanche 14 Novembre 2004 00:28, George Staikos a écrit :
> I committed a tool to kdenonbeta tonight called KNetAttach.  (The name
> isn't all that great I guess...)

Hum... yes... the name is not... not that important after all...
My only criticize would be for the "attach" part... since I don't really see 
an "attach" semantic to this tool (or maybe I misunderstand the "attach" 

> I think it's something really missing in 
> KDE and I'd like to see it in the next release.

And it has the right timing in my humble opinion.

> 1) It's ugly right now, and I'd like it if someone wanted to make it pretty
> (add graphics, perhaps choose a few better widgets here and there...)

Maybe it should be the last step... I can do it if you want, but when the 
other points will be addressed.

> 2) Please don't make any design changes to it without running them by me
> first, but feel free to fix bugs.  (Fixing bugs does not include
> reformatting or changing coding style.  I don't want to waste time
> reviewing frivilous patches right now.)

No problem with this.

> 3) The app is basically self-contained in a single .ui +.ui.h.  If anyone
> finds it useful, we could split it into a reusable widget too.

There's no hurry in my humble opinion... but who knows...

> 4) Any ideas for more protocols?
>    4b) It doesn't make sense to add too many protocols, only the most
> popular, since users of those specialized protocols will already know how
> to do this in konqueror, which is really a faster way to do it anyway. 5) I
> haven't tested it very much, basically only fish support.  Testing feedback
> is welcome.

Maybe it could take care of lan:/ too... I don't use it myself but with more 
exposure it may become quite popular.

> 6) How should we best integrate this?  I think it should be prominent and
> easy to access.
> 7) Should it use a special .desktop file instead of a generic Link type?
> Maybe also have a separate folder like MS Windows does?

I'll work on a new "system:/" real soon now, it's currently discussed on 
kfm-devel. This new ioslave will surely require to write another one (surely 
called "remote:/"). As I see it, we'll have an entry to launch the wizard at 
the root of this ioslave, and the added links will be available in this root 

> Any other feedback?  It's really just a proof-of-concept for an idea right
> now, but I think with a bit of work it will become quite useful.

Indeed, and I'd be glad to work with you on this one.

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens,
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