Auto-WONTFIX for old UNCONFIRMED wishlist items

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Sun Nov 14 23:22:28 GMT 2004

Philippe Rigault wrote:
>First, WONTFIX is already is the *worse* resolution for a bug/wish,
> because it combines irrevocability (WONTFIX = will never be fixed) with
> subjectivity (I, as a developer, can't fix it, therefore it cannot be
> fixed by others) 

Then the automatic email should explain that WONTFIX means the developers 
are not willing to fix it. But that doesn't preclude other people from 
doing so, or another developer in the future. If someone wants to, they 
can reopen the bug and *take* responsibility for writing the code. 
(emphasis on "take resposibility")

That's what WONTFIX means. Unlike other solutions, it is rather final: the 
user cannot reopen the bug unless he wants to fix the code himself.

> for release X", but not "Will never fix" (unless the bug/wish is
> invalid of course, but that is another resolution).

I think you misunderstand what WONTFIX means.

>- WORKAROUND (there is a --suboptimal-- way to get the desired
> behaviour) - 
> PLEASE_HELP (helpful, means: I can't or won't fix myself, 
> you'll have to help to get it resolved).

Those don't exist in our Bugzilla.

>- WONTFIX_FOR_RELEASE=X (helpful to people watching the bug, so they
> don't expect it in release X)

That's LATER, but it implies it will be reopened in the future. WONTFIX 
means the developers don't have any timeframe for reopening it, and may 
never do so.

>How come (0 vote) doesn't show
> up then ? Is it because it is NEW and not UNCONFIRMED ?


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