George Staikos staikos at
Sat Nov 13 23:28:59 GMT 2004

I committed a tool to kdenonbeta tonight called KNetAttach.  (The name isn't 
all that great I guess...)  I think it's something really missing in KDE and 
I'd like to see it in the next release.  It's basically a wizard that allows 
you to easily connect to network drives such as SMB, WebFolder, and Fish.  We 
could easily extend it to support more protocols if desired.  There are a few 
points I'd like to make, and I would like feedback.  Here are my points or 

1) It's ugly right now, and I'd like it if someone wanted to make it pretty 
(add graphics, perhaps choose a few better widgets here and there...)
2) Please don't make any design changes to it without running them by me 
first, but feel free to fix bugs.  (Fixing bugs does not include reformatting 
or changing coding style.  I don't want to waste time reviewing frivilous 
patches right now.)
3) The app is basically self-contained in a single .ui +.ui.h.  If anyone 
finds it useful, we could split it into a reusable widget too.
4) Any ideas for more protocols?
   4b) It doesn't make sense to add too many protocols, only the most popular,
         since users of those specialized protocols will already know how to
        do this in konqueror, which is really a faster way to do it anyway.
5) I haven't tested it very much, basically only fish support.  Testing 
feedback is welcome.
6) How should we best integrate this?  I think it should be prominent and easy 
to access.
7) Should it use a special .desktop file instead of a generic Link type?  
Maybe also have a separate folder like MS Windows does?

Any other feedback?  It's really just a proof-of-concept for an idea right 
now, but I think with a bit of work it will become quite useful.

George Staikos
KDE Developer
Staikos Computing Services Inc.

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