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Sat Nov 13 13:56:19 GMT 2004

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Waldo Bastian wrote:

> On Saturday 13 November 2004 12:57, Waldo Bastian wrote:
>> On Saturday 13 November 2004 11:40, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
>> > However, the preamble to rfc 2396bis says the specific schemes
>> > described in rfc 1738 (the file: scheme is among them) will be updated
>> > in separate documents. Does anybody know where the file: scheme was
>> > updated?
>> Didn't know about rfc2396bis, and I just found a file-scheme specific
>> draft here:
>> Haven't read it yet :-)
> And there is

This draft is next to useless. It merely describes the current situation,
and furthermore contains typos. E.g.
is clearly and completely wrong. That should rather be

> I would like to see a draft that explicitly makes the authority component
> optional in the file-scheme because it makes no sense to have it if the
> hostname is not specified anyway. rfc2396bis leaves plenty of room for
> that since it offers the possibility of both ("//" authority path-abempty)
> and (path-absolute) for hier-part. 

Yes, I fully support this. Actually, I don't see a reason why the file:
scheme should only use such a very limited subset of rfc 2396bis as the rfc
1738 was.


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