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Eric Laffoon sequitur at kde.org
Fri Nov 12 22:58:52 GMT 2004

On Friday 12 November 2004 08:35 am, Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Friday 12 November 2004 18:05, Frans Englich wrote:
> > Back to editors; right, there is a general lack of open source XML
> > editors(but many good, cross-platform, proprietary ones), I have some
> > vague memory of Quanta though. I guess the solution is to simply
> > write open source ones..
> Once I make Quanta work with entities it should be quite OK for editing
> complex docbook. You can already do it, but it doesn't help with
> entities. But it can be set up to validate the document structure as
> you type and run other validators from inside.
> Andras
It can also contain a complete set of templates, markup abreviations and 
scripted automation. Carlos Woelz has also created DocBook toolbars. In 
addition to this Paulo Moura Guedes is now involved full time in VPL 
development with one of the tasks on his do list to enable an XSL translation 
layer. This would in theory enable visual editing of DocBook files with an 
HTML representation. Quanta projects can also include internal documentation 
and other resources too.

One of my objectives for years has been making the visual creation of KDE 
documentation an easy task so that more people will enjoy it and contribute. 
We would be very interested in assisting in resource development for using 
Quanta in such an effort.
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