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Nadeem Hasan nhasan at nadmm.com
Fri Nov 12 13:33:28 GMT 2004

On Friday 12 November 2004 04:49 am, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:

> I did meditate about such a thing a while ago. The problem is that it's not
> very likely to find a publisher.

Not true. See below.

> To do a pure electronic book without a publisher is much less attractive
> work than a real book. We could just as well polish and extend
> developer.kde.org a bit.

Heard about lulu.com? They can publish a book in both electronic and 
"TreeKiller" format. You can even buy an ISBN code and have the books 
available for major bookstores to sell. The printing charges are $0.02/page 
plus a very small minimum charge. So a 500 page book would cost ~$14 to 

Have a nice day.
Nadeem Hasan
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