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Thu Nov 11 22:14:25 GMT 2004

Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
>I completly agree.

I don't.

>We can just specify the syntax as "file:[//host]/path" making the remote

The syntax is actually protocol://[host]/path. The // is mandatory.

That it is visual clutter, I agree.

> host syntax optional (what would the protocol be anyway???). Quite
> francly I do not give a fuck about what is a standard or not, as long
> as we _also_ support standard-complient syntax.

We might, but how about everyone else? There's a reason why there are 
standards: so that every app agrees on what is correct and what isn't.

Giving "file:/something" to a standard-compliant app might break it. 
Therefore, even if we decide to show the shortened URL, we must use the 
fully-compliant one when sending it over to other applications, such as 
via the clipboard.

>The KDE syntax for protocols have always been "protocol:path", I do not
> see _any_ reason to change that to something as anal as
> "protocol://path", especially if we only change it for the file
> protocol and not generally.

Hmm... no. There's a difference there.
is the definition of URI. URLs, on the other hand, are of the form
where most of it is optional. The // isn't.

KURL handles both URIs and URLs, so it's a bit of a misnomer. URIs are 
like mailto: and ed2k:. URLs have special treatment: the host is 
normalised (Nameprep'ed [RFC 3491]), for instance.

So, every URL must be of the form protocol:/// or protocol://host/. This 
includes file, audiocd, applications, media, ...

Having said that, I disagree on the interpretation of the RFC. I think // 
should be part of the host, but the standards people disagree.

Note on ed2k: it looks like a URL, but it is most certainly not. All it 
would have taken for its authors to make it compliant would be to remove 
the //. But, nooooo, they decided they would place a hash where programs 
expect a hostname in URLs. That means we had to special-case ed2k inside 
KURL, so as to prevent it being interpreted and normalised as a hostname.
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