--as-needed problem

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Tue Nov 9 12:52:49 GMT 2004


 there seems to be a problem with --enable-as-needed. I updated kdelibs, and I 
get the following error when building it:

./kdoctools/meinproc --srcdir=/home/llunak/build/src/kdelibs/kdoctools --check 
--cache ./doc/kspell/index.cache.bz2 /home/llunak/build/src/kdelibs/doc/kspell/index.docbook
/home/llunak/build/suse/kdelibs/kdoctools/.libs/lt-meinproc: symbol lookup 
error: /home/llunak/build/suse/kdelibs/kio/.libs/libkio.so.4: undefined 
symbol: _ZN9KIconView8takeItemEP13QIconViewItem
Error creating ./doc/kspell/index.cache.bz2. Exit status 127.

 That's a clean checkout and clean build, from today about 12:00 CET. Using 
--disable-as-needed with configure and relinking avoids the problem.

 The undefined symbol above is from KIconView, i.e. libkdeui. Using ldd on 
lt-meinproc shows that e.g. libkio is used from builddir, but libkdeui is 
used from $KDEDIR/lib . Since it's been a couple of days since my last 
update, the installed libkdeui doesn't have the symbol yet.

 Can somebody fix it please?

Lubos Lunak
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