request for write access to admin/

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sun Nov 7 15:45:57 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 November 2004 11:12, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> in an unprecedenced case of transparency and openess, dirk m. claimed:
> > Its not "we" as in "sysadmins" deciding about who should get access
> > for admin/, its "we" as in "core developers" doing so.

I feel inclined to explain this mail in a little more detail here. Oswald 
repeatedly asked without attaching a patch on sysadmin@ for commit rights to 
kde-common/admin. The denial of his request made him complain about the lack 
of transparency within the KDE project. 

In my humble and very personal opinion however it was only his request that 
violated the rules of transparency. He did not give a patch to be able to 
judge about his claims, even after asking for it. Also, the fact that the 
request was directed at sysadmin@ instead of being posted or discussed on 
kde-core-devel (where others could have responded or followed up on) was the 
part I didn't like. By nature, because lots of messages with passwords and 
other sensitive information are handled on the list, the list is private and 
not publically accessible. I therefore think sysadmin@ should not have more 
power than absolutely necessary over the project. Patches against 
kde-common/admin should be handled on kde-core-devel. the sysadmins will 
grant access rights if there are no objections from core developers. 

Thanks for listening,


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