Supporting GNU ld's --as-needed flag

Szombathelyi György gyurco at
Fri Nov 5 22:04:43 GMT 2004

2004. november 4. 18.12 dátummal David Faure ezt írta:
> On Sunday 17 October 2004 19:13, Szombathelyi György wrote:
> I asked Michael Matz and he said the patch looks OK, so I'm about to commit
> it.
> But why does the patch say:
> (unconditionally)
> Does this mean there is no support for checking for undefined symbols
> anymore? We still need that, at least in debug builds (for developers).
> For end users (--disable-debug) it's ok if there's no more no-undefined
> test when linking.

Oh, thanks for finally considering the patch!
I don't remember why the KDE_NO_UNDEFINED="" needed, but now I tested without 
it, and seems to work. Also it doesn't really cleared the variable, because 
the check for -Wl,--no-undefined is after the new check. So please delete 
this line.


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