Moving to SubVersion

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Fri Nov 5 06:02:21 GMT 2004

Sandro Giessl wrote:

> Am Friday, 8. October 2004 21:31 schrieb Jesse Yurkovich:
> As far as I know it's currently nearly impossible to keep CVS in sync
> with something like Subversion. At least I don't know of any
> tool/script which would do this.
> But IMHO an early announcement before the real switch takes place would
> be enough anyway.

svk can do this, at least for cvs->svn and given some caveats if both sides
are changing. I don't think it can go svn->cvs yet, since it doesn't know
how to make cvs commits.

You'd use it's VCP support to create a local branch based on the cvs
repository (you'd definitely want to peg it based at a date or something,
mirroring everything this way would be insane), and it's SVN::Mirror
support to create a local branch based on the subversion repository (again
pegged in some fashion to avoid sucking in all the history).

Anyway, once you had the mirrors arranged, you'd do an smerge --base rev to
establish a common ancestor revision, and thereafter you'd just use it's
incremental star-merge to keep pulling changes across. I think this is how
the kernel bkcvs->svn gateway is (was? I can't seem to find it right now)

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