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Wed Nov 3 18:52:02 GMT 2004

I would prefer that this does not go into kdelibs [yet] because it uses the 
Synchronous API.  This is the thing that people constantly complain about 
with respect ot KWallet, and hopefully I will have KHTML moved away from this 
by tomorrow morning.  Kopete, KNode and KMail also need to move to the 
asynchronous interface (which ironically I was asked for multiple times, I 
provided, and now I'm the only user of).  See KWalletManager for how it 
works.  KWalletManager never freezes.

Now, can this be fixed in this class?  Maybe.  It would need to enter a new 
event loop I think.  Give it a try and see how it works...  Other than that, 
I think it's a good idea conceptually.

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 12:51, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> About KPasswordDialog,
> I wrote few times ago a class KPassword that make the automation of saving
> the result of a KPasswordDialog in the KWallet, or retreive it from there
> if it already exist.
> I plan to use it in Kopete insteads of the KopetePassword
>pete/kopetepassword.h (see also the .cpp file with the same name)
> I attached here how it is in my project.
> I've tested it with Kopete (i've a diff over it if someone is interested)
> (of course, it's not mean to be a final version.  i plan to add more
> default value, or other function.  and some stuff need to be finished)
> What do you think ?
> If it goes in kdelibs, where ?  as it depends of kwallet and kdeui.
> (i thought about putting it in kwallet, but kwallet is not linked against
> kdeui)
> Another thing which is missing in KPasswordDialog is the ability to show a
> default password.  (if the previous was wrong)
> and, another thing,  kwallet documentation is not in the online api
> reference.

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