[PATCH] Repacing libntlm

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Nov 1 00:35:04 GMT 2004

This sounds like a great approach.

On Sunday 31 October 2004 19:05, Szombathelyi GyXrgy wrote:
> Hello!
> I wrote a KNTLM class to replace libntlm. This has three advantages:
> - True unicode usernames and passwords can be used.
> - It supports NTLMv2 authentication.
> - No external dependency needed.
> I attached the patches, and some new files. These are:
> - The libkntlm library (in kdelibs/kio/misc).
> - The endiannes-conversion header (which is a generic thing, I posted here
> some days ago for inclusion in kdelibs/kdecore).
> - kdecore/kmdcodec is extended with an MD4 hashing implementation.
> - kioslave/http uses the new class. NTLMv2 setup is a bit rough (a define
> in http.c), this must be replaced.
> If there will no objections, I will commit soon.

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