A place where to centralize API cleanup reminders for KDE 4.0 ?

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at telegraph-road.org
Thu May 27 22:58:51 BST 2004

I've just stumbled upon this signal in KDiskFreeSp :

foundMountPoint (const unsigned long &, const unsigned long &, const unsigned 
long &, const QString &)

Is there a place where one can note that a given API should be changed 
whenever possible (i.e. KDE4) ? I know I also did my little share of ugliness 

slotStateChanged (const QString &newstate, KXMLGUIClient::ReverseStateChange)

in KMainWindow. I've added a comment about this in the header but I don't 
think that can scale very well. Could there be a wiki page where one would 
drop a note about such or such API in need of cleanup ?


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