po-file handling: first test version available

Heiko Evermann Heiko.Evermann at gmx.de
Tue May 25 22:04:10 BST 2004

Hi everyone,

This evening the first test of mixing po-files was successful.
The language precedence is Low Saxon (nds), German (de) and English.

Have a look at
In the listbox the column header
* √úbersicht is German
* Kumplett is Low Saxon
* Due Date is English

This requires changes in the following files:
* klocale.h
* klocale.cpp
* kcatalogue.h
* kcatalogue.cpp
Then recompile all of kdelibs ( make and make install). This seems to be 
binary compatible to the rest of KDE, that means programs still work 
without recompiling the rest of KDE)

You can find them in http://www.evermann.de/kde_op_platt/files/

Current problems
1) konqueror no longer shows dates of last changes, but only empty strings
2) the KDE start menu is English
3) a language precedence of x, en_US, y will not be evaluated correctly 
: en_US should hide everything, so if the translation is not found in x, 
we should never see texts from y. This will require a short cut 
evaluation which is not so difficult, but it is already late.

But perhaps some of You are interested having a look nevertheless? I am 
especially interested in whether the plural handling works, if the 
translated string is not found in the primary languages. Now the plural 
type is stored in the KCatalogue. So when a second or even third choice 
catalog is the first to have a translation, the correct plural type 
should be used. But I do not speak any languages that have more than 2 
types (singular and plural), so I do not know how to check this.

And perhaps someone has an idea why the dates in konqueror and the KDE 
start menu do not get translated.

But I think that for 4 evenings of programming, the current state is 
quite a lot already. I just checked some line of code in kdevelop and 
noticed that kdelibs.po is already taken from Low Saxon, even though 
kdevelop.po does not yet exist for Low Saxon. I just like that.

So what do You think?

Kind regards,

Heiko Evermann

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