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Will Stephenson lists at stevello.free-online.co.uk
Tue May 25 18:50:23 BST 2004

I've got a fair bit done on integrating KIMProxy+KIMIface with the rest of KDE 
now, and now I'm looking for the right place in kdelibs to put the core 
library, dcop interface specification and servicetype definition.

The current situation is like this
kimiface.h : generic DCOP interface for chat applications
libkimproxy : glue logic for client apps to use, aggregates information from 
any kimiface imeplementations

Kopete			implements kimiface.h, built against local copy
				Can put IM addresses and IM derived contact information into KABC

KDEPIM			has local clone of kimproxy etc in libkdepim due to kde 3.2 			
				compatibility requirement.
KMail				uses kimproxy for presence display in mail headers
KAddressbook		uses kimproxy for presence display in summary view
				can edit IM addresses in custom editor tab.

konq-plugins/kuick	uses kimproxy for file transfer (not yet committed)

kimproxy			Current home of kimproxy
				Panel applet showing contact status

In addition, I've started talking with Konversation people about implementing 
KIMIface, and if any games or krdc developers want to use KIMProxy for 
invitations it would be cool.

The actual volume of code to go in kdelibs is pretty small (~1000LOC).  Do you 
have any suggestions where to put it?


Will Stephenson
IRC: Bille

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