Spamming of news server

Christopher Molnar molnar at
Tue May 25 02:50:53 BST 2004


The news server had a major spam problem over the last few days that I 
was just made aware of by a Fidonet "sysop"  who asked me  to stop 
carrying a whole bunch of groups. I have therefor cut off all user 
posting to the news server and the system is now read only - I do not 
wish to upset those whom allow me to cary their echos/groups. I also do 
not have any good ways to control spam - as I do not have time to read 
and moderate every post. I am also in the near future considering 
restricting access to read - requiring user id and login - I am 
concerned about people harvesting email addresses.

I am looking for ideas on how to resolve the above issues and if anyone 
is familiar with innd can come up with an idea how to make email 
addresses un-usable I would appreciate those as well.

I think I have gotten the config files properly to allow 
to post, but if any problems occur please let me know.


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