Question about klocale.cpp / this_klocale

Heiko Evermann Heiko.Evermann at
Sat May 22 23:30:03 BST 2004

Hi everyone,

at the moment I am working through klocale in order to adapt it to my 
proposed change in po-file evaluation.
During this study I stumbled about the variable this_klocale:
* It is a static variable. Its only use is in a side entry called 
* It is set to the current instance in the constructor of KLocale ( line 88)
* It stays like this for one line (line 89)
* and then it gets reset to 0 (null pointer) immediately.
This is strange indeed. So just by looking at the code, it seems to me 
that this is about the same as to never set it at all.
If this is supposed to have any effect, it can only be some kind of 
specially designed side effect. What side effect is this?

Kind regards,

Heiko Evermann

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