Libtool & libraries

Szombathelyi Gy�rgy gyurco at
Sun May 23 20:48:25 BST 2004


I've just curious about the following issue:
Why every program/library linked to all of the libraries which the prog/lib 
indirectly depends on? 
An example:
If I build kdelibs with fam support, then libkio will linked against libfam. 
But why all other kde programs, that linked against libkio is linked against 
libfam? Now Fedora Core2 is supplied with selinux, and fam is linked with 
libselinux. And what happens? _Every_ kde program is linked against 
libselinux. Now if some wants to distribute binary version of his kde 
program, it's very hard to do it in a fairly portable way.
As I looked into the building process, libtool links a program to all 
dependency_libs in the .la files. Is this a wanted or unwanted side effect of 
Sorry if this question is too dump/trivial, but I really can't find out why 
all of the kde programs is linked against libpng, libz, libXrender, libfam, 
libselinux and other libraries which is not even referenced in these 


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