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Sun May 23 19:16:34 BST 2004

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On Sunday 23 May 2004 5:06 am, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Sat, 22 May 2004, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > On Saturday 22 May 2004 6:11 am, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> > > I've done a  KXMLGUIFactory::configureShortcuts()  slot.  so it's
> > > already possible to do
> ...
> > > KXMLGUIFactory::configureShortcuts()  does not let to configure only
> > > the set of actions from the action collection, but every action of
> > > kparts or plugins.
> > >
> > > But AFAIK, only few applicaiton use that function.
> > > Maybe i should add a @see also  in the KKeyDialog::configure API doc
> >
> > Anyone up for converting all of KDE?  If so join #kde-convert on irc :)
> > Should take a little bit of work.  A very easy task.
> A commendable task (no, I'm not up for it). It often takes an inordinate
> amount of time for new technologies to work their way through all of KDE
> CVS (watch out for PIM and its backwards compatibility requirements,
> though). And of course it can be difficult to catch all the instances
> where things could be improved (this one appears to bea easy though).
> Perhaps sometime during the freeze a "consolidate technology week"? One
> where the use of depreceated methods in libs is also dealt with?
> [ade]

Hehe, actually yesterday several of us (those who showed up in the channel) 
went through CVS and converted a lot of the applications.  Not saying we got 
them all, but most of the low hanging fruit was converted.  Some applications 
like ark which did some kpart stuff or anything non stock was left alone 
(although I think the kpart stuff was what this function's original use was 
for and so ark should be converted?)
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